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Program officers successfully assist with emergency case via phone call

North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP) and CMCA Middle South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) Health Extension Officer (HEO) Gabriel Milep and Nursing Officer Grace Lipen while on clinical attachments at Ningerum Health Centre were able to provide assistance over the mobile phone to the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) at Iowara Health Centre for a mother who was in distress after delivering her baby. OIC Nurse

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Integrated MCH Patrol and Mosquito Bednet distributions to the Upper Fly

A combined integrated patrol was conducted from the 1st – 16th May 2018 in the Upper Fly and P’Nang River by the North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP) Mother and Child Health (MCH) officer Veronica Kekae along with Harin Woram from District Health Services, Samson Umbre from Adventist Health Services and Village Health Volunteer (VHV) Rebecca Jeffry. Together the patrol team visited and

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