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PICT very important for health workers

Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing (PICT) training is very important to health workers around the country as it allows the health worker to provide counselling and testing to any patient suspected of having HIV and AIDS, according to Alice Marai of the National Department of Health. Mrs. Marai said this during a PICT training in Kiunga, Western Province, conducted by the Ok Tedi Development

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HIV counsellors meet in Kiunga

The first Western Province HIV Counselling & Testing stakeholder workshop was held from 19 to 21 February 2013 in Kiunga. It was organised and funded by Western Province AIDS Committee (WPAC), in order for stakeholders to meet and share information on HIV services and programs in the province, to find out more about the role of the WPAC, and to identify gaps or changes

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Partners continue to work together in North Fly to strengthen community awareness, advocacy and mobilisation for Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS

The partnership approach to providing not only public and primary health care but also clinical care services to the people of North Fly is one that continues to evolve and strengthen. In October partners from NFHSDP, District Health Services, Kiunga Hospital Laboratory and Catholic Health Services travelled together as a team to Kungim and Tarakbits in an effort to fortify the partnership approach but

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NFHSDP support for a mobile VCCT and awareness program at public offices in Kiunga

The NFHSDP valued the opportunity to support the Kiunga Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) clinic staff to conduct a mobile ‘Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing’ (VCCT) and awareness program at a number of public offices In Kiunga from 8-12 July.  The team visited Kiunga Hospital, District health office, Works office & Awe Ambip North Fly House. Basic information about HIV and AIDS and STIs and

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