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NFHSDP works in partnership with government health workers to deliver MCH services along the Elevara River area of North Fly

In August 2013 the NFHSDP mother and child health (MCH) team continued to work in partnership with District Government Health Workers to provide much needed MCH services to villages along the Elevara River area of North Fly.  Five teams travelled to five separate clinic points along Upper, Mid & Lower Fly, Elevara Smipen, Mgie and Pineng Rivers.  NFHSDP enabled these patrols by providing staff

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West Ningerum health patrol

Twelve communities in Ningerum and West Ningerum received maternal and child health services in March. The 2 week patrol, from 4-15 March, was conducted by health workers from North Fly District Health Services and NFHSDP. In total, 653 immunisations were administered to babies and children. Of the total 269 children seen, 74% of them weighed between 80-100% on the growth chart which indicated that

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Partners continue to work together in North Fly to strengthen community awareness, advocacy and mobilisation for Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS

The partnership approach to providing not only public and primary health care but also clinical care services to the people of North Fly is one that continues to evolve and strengthen. In October partners from NFHSDP, District Health Services, Kiunga Hospital Laboratory and Catholic Health Services travelled together as a team to Kungim and Tarakbits in an effort to fortify the partnership approach but

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NFHSDP spearheads a special immunisation program for Olsobip

One of the priority needs for the PNG national immunisation program is “Strengthening Reaching Every District to Reach Every Child strategy using integrated Expanded Immunisation Program Mother and Child Health (MCH) outreach sessions”[1]. In an effort to contribute to improving coverage rates in North Fly, in October 2013 the NFHSDP incorporated its routine MCH immunisation outreach activities into a special one week outreach health

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NFHSDP supports special immunisation program in North Fly

NFHSDP supported the Special Immunization Activity (SIA) program in North Fly in July, which is the 3rd round of the Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Elimination (MNTE) Campaign 2013, organized by the National Department of Health (NDOH). Globally 4.5 million neonates die each year from neonatal tetanus yet only 5% of neonatal tetanus cases are reported world-wide, mothers also die from tetanus acquired during delivery[1]. Tetanus

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