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Samari Aid Post Gets a New Health Worker

Children from Samari lining up to welcome CHW Isawa Hena.

The CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) and North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP), through a Public-Private Partnership with District Health Services, recruited a Community Health Worker (CHW) for Samari Health Sub-Centre, located on the Kiwai Islands in the South Fly District.

This facility has been without trained health personnel for over eight (8) years, leaving people in the area with few options but to travel to Teapopo Health Centre, Tire’ere Aidpost, Maipani Aidpost and Daru General Hospital to seek treatment and other necessary health services.

The CHW, Isawa Hena, graduated from Rumginae CHW Training School in March 2017, an opportunity made possible through the NFHSDP scholarship program. “I want to thank the program (NFHSDP) for your assistance with the scholarship to complete my course,” said Mr Hena during his interview for the evaluation of the scholarship program. Mr Hena went on to say that the support he received from the scholarship exceeded his expectations; he appreciates the support that officers from the NFHSDP and CMSFHP program gave him.

“As the new health worker for Samari Health Sub-Centre, I am looking forward to applying my skills and knowledge from what I’ve learnt in school,” said Mr Hena. He also said that he is looking forward to working with the Samari community and other villages in the Kiwaba CMCA Region. On 25th December 2017, the people of Samari welcomed Mr Hena into the community through a big celebration filled with traditional singsing and feasting. The community stated that CHW Isawa Hena is the perfect Christmas gift for them. Leaders and elders of Samari village expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the CMSFHP for providing them with a health worker, stating that they have suffered too long without access to proper healthcare. Mr Hena hails from Hafimi village in the Nomad Local Level Government area of Middle Fly District.

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