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NFHSDP spearheads a special immunisation program for Olsobip

One of the priority needs for the PNG national immunisation program is “Strengthening Reaching Every District to Reach Every Child strategy using integrated Expanded Immunisation Program Mother and Child Health (MCH) outreach sessions[1].

In an effort to contribute to improving coverage rates in North Fly, in October 2013 the NFHSDP incorporated its routine MCH immunisation outreach activities into a special one week outreach health patrol that also provided a special Tetanus Toxoid immunisation program including school health programs for Olsobip and the neighbouring villages of Selbang, Fakobip, Seganabip, Biangabip, Yasap, Seltamin and Bartamin.

In the absence of Government funding for this patrol, NFHSDP fully funded vaccines supplies, chopper hire, travel allowances for government health workers and accommodation. Health workers were dropped off by chopper in 7 different remote locations around Olsobip. The teams were made up of 2 NFHSDP officers/midwives, 15 Government health workers (3 from Ningerum Health Centre and 9 from Kiunga District Hospital. Three health workers from Olsobip Health Centre also participated in the patrols.

In addition to MCH routine immunisation activities, the 1st round of Tetanus Toxoid & Albendazole tablets were administered to girls and women aged 15-45 years of age, supplementary immunisation for Polio & Vitamin A and Albendazole to children less than 5 years.Oct Story 2

Other activities included school health programs, antenatal care and family planning, screening and treating of general outpatients, referrals, investigating maternal deaths during pregnancy and child birth and health educational awareness on a range of MCH topics.

Across the eight sites a total of 615 routine vaccinations, 221 Vitamin A tablets, 296 Tetanus Toxoid injections and 225 oral Albendazole (58 to children under five and 167 to women of child bearing ages:15-45 years). Other services provided across all seven teams included a combination of routine checks and family planning advice for 5 antenatal mothers and 339 total outpatient:  195 adults males, 128 adult females and 16 children (1 with pneumonia 1 and 15 with diarrhea).

Teams also used the opportunity to provide health awareness to 400 community members on topics including the purpose of Tetanus Toxoid injections, current information on available modern family planning methods, the importance of attention to good personal hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases, attending antenatal clinics and childhood immunisation programs, to planning for deliveries in a health centre, and to information about ways to minimize contracting TB and HIV.

NFHSDP looks forward to continue to support Government and church partners to reach these remote and hard to reach communities in 2014 so that immunisation programs can continue to ensure better coverage and reach of MCH services for all women and children in North Fly.

[1] Sourced from http://www.wpro.who.int/immunization/documents/epi_country_poster_2012_PNG.pdf

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