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Kiunga resident praises Kiunga Hospital for providing additional specialist services for women

In June, Kiunga Hospital was privileged to secure the locum services of Dr. Antonia Kumbia, a specialist gynaecology and obstetrics consultant. Dr Kumbia spent two weeks at the Hospital working with the resident medical officers to review a number of gynaecology, obstetric and neonatal cases.

Mrs. Sweivy Yak Puring, a Kiunga town resident was pleased to receive such specialist services that she wrote a letter of thanks to the Kiunga Hospital Administrator Mr. Graeme Hill. In her letter of appreciation, Mrs. Yak Puring thanked her local hospital for providing these essential services to her and the women and mothers of Kiunga.

“Because of this gynaecologist, we mothers of Kiunga got to meet up with the doctor and to have tests carried out plus confide in her with the different kind of problems we were going through in relation to our maternal health” Mrs. Yak Puring wrote. She also said that “We hope such exercises will continue because some of our mothers who are in the most rural places of North Fly have not been seen by this doctor, because of the limited time of awareness and transportation involved in coming up to the Hospital”.

Mrs. Yak Puring also expressed the need for such specialist services to be advertised on the local Radio Fly radio station so that more women in the district have an opportunity to access these types of specialist services in the future.

Kiunga Hospital administration and staff would like to thank Mrs. Yak Puring for taking the time to provide such positive and constructive feedback, as sometimes, we tend to ponder the negative aspects of our service rather than celebrate the positives, and both are important to consider so that we continue to improve the services we deliver to the people of the North Fly District.

OTML has committed K32 million over the next five years for the NFHSDP.

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