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Hongas Primary School gets a new water tank

Hongas Primary School will start the academic year with a new water tank, providing both students and teachers with access to fresh water.  The 5000-litre tank was constructed between the 22nd and the 25th of January 2018.  The project was led by Mr Wanai Hari, infrastructure handyman for the North Fly District Health Services Development Program (NFDHSDP) and CMCA Middle South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP).

Mr Kelly Kewa, Program Manager for the NFDHSDP & CMSFHP Program, officially handed over the water tank to Hongas Primary School during a ceremony on Friday the 26th of January.  The event was attended by student, teachers, and the school’s Deputy Principle, Mrs Lalelato Daniels.  “On behalf of the school’s head teacher, I would like to thank JTA (Abt Associates) for giving our school a new water tank”, said Mrs Daniels, during her speech at the ceremony.  She mentioned that the new tank had been installed at the perfect time: just before the 2018 academic calendar begins, when the school is preparing for the year ahead.

A total of 670 students attend Hongas Primary School, who are divided into 17 classes.  In the past, these students and the school’s 17 teachers had to share one water tank between them, which overburdened the facility.  With installation of the new water tank by Abt Associates, however, the school will have improved access to clear water for drinking and cooking and greater capacity to store rainwater.

CMSFHP is funded by the CMCA portion of the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund and NFHSDP is funded by Ok Tedi Mining Limited. Both programs are managed by Ok Tedi Development Foundation and implemented by Abt Associates.

NFHSDP and CMSFHP Program Manager Kelly Kewa handing over the newly installed water tank to Deputy Principal Mrs Daniels while officers look on.

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