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Drimgas Aid Post gets a new HF Radio Installed

Drimgas Aid Post became the latest health facility to have a High Frequency (HF) radio installed for easy communication. The installation was done by the CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Service Program (CMSFHP) and North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP) Infrastructure team, Bill Opasa, Wanai Hari and locally engaged carpenter, Linus Mitikpop. The installation works began on the 14th June 2018 and took 2 days to complete.

The Drimgas Aid Post was built by World Bank in 2016 and is managed by Adventist Health Services. The CMSFHP and NFHSDP through its partnership have assisted Drimgas Aid Post by installing a 5000 litre water tank, solar powered vaccine fridge and icepack freezer as well as solar lighting to help improve health service delivery to the surrounding villages. Drimgas Aid Post Community Health Worker (CHW) Samson Umbre, during the short ground-breaking ceremony was very appreciative of the assistance that CMSFHP and NFHSDP have provided since the Aid Post was opened. CHW Samson stated that all these resources will greatly improve his capacity to deliver health services to his catchment villages. Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church leaders and the community at Drimgas Village were very happy that their health facility was receiving the HF Radio and after the remarks, the community got involved and assisted the Infrastructure team with completing the installations.

NFHSDP is funded by Ok Tedi Mining Limited, managed by Ok Tedi Development Foundation and implemented by Abt Associates.

CMSFHP and NFHSDP Infrastructure officer Wanai Hari assisted by local villagers in setting up the telomast for the HF radio antenna.

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