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April 2014

New North Fly Solar Power Installations to assist with Health Service Delivery in Remote Locations

The NFHSDP team travelled with 2 technicians from Dulas Solar Agents from Madang from 17-31 March to install solar panels and solar vaccine fridges in four remote health facilities, aimed at supporting the delivery of health care services. Installation sites included Gasuke Aid Post, a government health facility, Biangabip Aid Post, a government health facility currently managed by Catholic Health Services and Fuma and

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World TB Day celebrated with Partners in North Fly

World TB day was celebrated in Kiunga on 21 March. The Master of Ceremony was Mr John Lari, District Health Manager. Lead up activities to the main day celebrations included visits by the inter-agency team of eight officers to twelve schools from 17-20 March. The purpose of the lead up activities was to provide community TB and HIV advocacy and awareness, to undertake school

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Olsobip Special Immunisation Patrol in Response to Suspected Measles Outbreak

The NFHSDP supported District and Catholic Health Service health workers to deliver Mother and Child Health (MCH) services that integrated a special measles immunisation program to Olsobip and surrounding villages from 20-30 March 2014. A total of nine villages were covered that included Kamfurabip Aidpost catchment villages: Kusa 1, 2 and 3, Dumunak, Lobip, Kongabip and Mission corner. Measles vaccines were administered to children

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International Women’s Day Celebrations in Kiunga

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th across the world. IWD is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future. The NFHSDP and CMCAMSFHP teams came together on Wednesday 05 March in Kiunga to observe International Women’s Day. This special ‘salute’ to women around the world, especially in developing countries, started with

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NFHSDP expands Community Action and Participation training in North Fly

Community Action and Participation (CAP) training is an initiative of the PNG National Department of Health (NDoH) as one of the healthy islands strategies to help achieve the healthy home/village setting. It is a 6 step process that helps the community prepare for other programs that they decide to initiate. The CAP strategy emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and encourages full participation of the

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